10 Reasons To Try My Meal Prep

Chef Phillip Dewayne here! As you may know, one of the services I offer is meal prep. I began doing meal prep while living in San Diego, California as a favor to a client who was trying to eat healthier to lose weight. I am proud to say with my nutritional assistance, he lost 75lbs. When I returned to Memphis, I wanted to help members of my family who were dealing with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other health issues and began doing meal prep for them. As I was assisting them, my clientele grew.

A few months ago, I rebranded the meal prep portion of my business as RECOVER. RECOVER is perfect for individuals who are trying to eat more nutritious meals, those who have a health or fitness goals they are trying to attain, and those who have busy schedules and just don’t have time to cook.

Many people enjoy the convenience of meal prep. However, there are several other reasons why meal prep has added value. Here are 10 of them.

1. You will control the portions
Dividing your meals up into containers will limit your portions and teach you how much you actually need to feel full.

2. You will save money
Having prepared meals at home waiting for you can help cut down on impulse buying, ordering, and eating out.

3. You will reduce unwanted calories and unhealthy foods.
You pick your meals from the options I provide, so you know what to expect and because I only use nutritious and fresh ingredients you know it’s good for you. This will help you attain healthy eating and/or weight loss goals. When you eat better, you usually look and feel better.

4.  You can learn about different foods.
I change my menu each week. I’m sure that I’ll prepare something you’ve never had before as well as something that you never thought about eating. The great thing is it’s all delicious and nutritious!

5. If fitness is your goal, you will see better results from your efforts.
Exercise works best when paired with healthy eating habits. We’re happy to do our part to help you get there.

6. You will be able to spend more time doing the things you love.
The time you spend deciding what to eat, cooking it, or going to pick it up is greatly reduced. Now, all you have to do is warm up your Chef Phillip Dewayne RECOVER meal and enjoy. You can use that extra time for friends, family, hobbies, work…whatever!

7. You will establish a healthier relationship with food
So often, we resort to fast and unhealthy food because it’s convenient. With meal prep, you have an option of fast, healthy, convenient foods you’ll love.

8. You will have food to come home to
Don’t you feel better when there’s something to eat in the fridge? I know I do. When you’ve had a long day, you won’t have to worry about what to cook because it will already be in the fridge waiting for you.

9. You will inspire others
When friends, family, and co-workers see your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, chances are, you will inspire at least one person to make a healthy change in their life.

10. You won’t waste food
Meal prepping is in single person servings and portions so it’s easy to eat all of it rather than having too much, getting full, and wasting food. Plus if you’re like me, you probably hate wasting money and if you don’t eat your meals, that’s money gone down the drain. So, eat up!

Are you ready to take that step?

I would love to add you to our list of RECOVER clients. Meal prep is an investment but one of the greatest things you can invest in is yourself. I offer 5 meals for $85 and 10 meals for $150. Call me at 901. 901.232.3237 or email [email protected] to place your order. We are currently offering FREE delivery to your home or office.

BTW…I have to admit that I had a little help with my blog from dietitian Gabriella Vetere. I guess you could say I was inspired by her.


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